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Circumnavigating the Eastern States on the Great Loop

As the owner of the Sugar Magnolia Bed and Breakfast in Atlanta, Georgia, Debi Starnes has had the pleasure of serving thousands of guests over the last two decades. When Debi Starnes gets time away from her business, she enjoys boating and recently left Atlanta to travel the Great Loop.

Boat lovers who seek challenge and adventure often travel America’s Great Loop, sometimes known as the Great Circle Route. This voyage involves the complete circumnavigation of the eastern side of the country, traveling through an interconnected series of inland lakes, rivers, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Depending on the chosen route and detours, the trek can be completed in 5,000 miles, or drawn out to nearly 7,500 miles. Many “loopers” enjoy straying from the main loop, exploring the waterways of the Potomac, the Erie Canal, and all manner of tributaries throughout the region.

Loopers and interested boaters may consider attending the annual Fall Rendezvous put on by America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association, which will be held on October 17-20, 2016 in Rogersville, Alabama. There, they may attend educational seminars, swap stories, and have their boats examined at the vessel safety checks.


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